Are you a vegan junkie?

Vegan Junk Food. Yep, it’s a thing…


Many of us once believed that eating a plant-based diet meant a life of salad and pulses. But thanks to a massive increase in veganism across the globe, there’s now a wonderful range of vegan foods available.

It seems that every week a new vegan restaurant, take-away or product is launched, and many major food chains now have vegan options. Vegan food is big business, and just like the rest of us, vegans sometimes crave something a bit less healthy. Enter: vegan junk food.

According to Greggs, their much talked-about vegan sausage roll has become their fastest-selling product in the past 6 years.

Elsewhere on the High Street, the McDonald’s McVegan burger is currently only available in Sweden and Finland, whilst Norway is currently enjoying vegan McNuggets (come on McD’s, we’re still waiting!). In the meantime, UK vegans craving something a bit less healthy can still enjoy McDonald’s fries, salads and hash browns. And the Vegetable Deluxe burger is vegan if you ask them to hold the mayo.

For pizza lovers, Pizza Hut now offers a pretty good vegan menu. But in KFC, vegans are limited to ordering fries, corn on the cob or green beans (remember to ask them to hold the butter), or house salad (with Italian light dressing).

And you’re looking for a hearty sub to feed your craving for junk, then Subway – a favourite for many vegans – has lots of great vegan options available, with several of their great sauces also suitable for vegans.

Vegan or not, we all crave junk food every once in a while. And they do say a little of what you fancy does you good.

Once you’ve satisfied your craving, there’s always room for something sweet. Why not try some of our dairy-free artisan fudge? It’s suitable for everyone – vegans included – and comes in over 20 delicious flavours, from maple & pecan to Baileys Almande, blueberry and chocolate orange. Check out the Fab Fudge website to see what might tickle your fancy.