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18 Sep

Size Matters!

Most of our tubs contain 100g of fudge however we have found that we can actually get 150g of fudge in our tubs therefore that's exactly what we'll be doing! Over the next few month's will be discontinuing our 100g fudge pots and moving over to 150g pots instead.

Hello Fudge Lovers!

We thought we’d give you a little update as to what we will be doing very soon! If you’ve ordered from us recently you would of probably noticed our new packaging is plastic tubs. Most of our tubs contain 100g of fudge however we have found that we can actually get 150g of fudge in our tubs therefore that’s exactly what we’ll be doing! As other confectionary sizes get smaller and the price stay’s the same, our fudge sizes are actually going to get bigger! Over the next few month’s we will be discontinuing our 100g fudge pots and moving over to 150g pots instead meaning you’ll be able to get more “mmm” for you’re money!

What does this mean to you?

  • The price for our 150g pots will be £2.99
  • Our 100g pots will be on offer and once stocks have ran out, we will no longer selling 100g pots on our website.

We have started discontinuing our 100g range of Vegan Fudge and once it is all sold out we will be moving to 150g. Once our Vegan sale is complete we will start the process with our dairy range of fudge, so stay tuned for discounts!

As part of changing our product sizes, we will also be discontinuing our 400g fudge slabs very shortly also. These will still be available to purchase, just contact us for more details!

17 Jun

Our new website arrives!

After about 2 month’s of planning, configuring and setting up, we are proud to say our brand new website is here!

First thing you may find is that the website look’s a bit like the old one, and you would be correct! We have kept the same general layout and pages to make as easy as possible for you to browse and purchase fudge.

NEW 3 for 2 OFFER

As a introductory offer to our new website. You can now get 3 for 2 on ALL Fudge on our website until 31/7/17! And yes it’s repeatable, eg 6 for 4, 9 for 6 etc!


So what else have we done?

New flavours

We are proud to announce that we have added 2 new flavours to our Vegan range after a successful trial at this years VegFestUK in Bristol! The 2 new flavours are Vegan Oreo & Vegan Chocolate Orange! As a introductory offer, we will be selling these at £2.00 per bag instead of £2.49! Only available at this price until 31/7/17!

Ingredients Tab

To make finding the ingredients of our fudge, we have added a tab on our product pages just below the ‘Share Products’ buttons. The tab is called ‘Ingredients’ and contains everything you need to know!

New Payment Processor – Stripe

We have now introduced a new payment processor to go along side PayPal. Our new payment processor is called Stripe and is readily used by many retailers online. Stripe can be selected on the payment page of the checkout and allows you to make payment with your card without leaving our website! PayPal is and will continue to be on our website as a payment processor.

Points mean prizes (or discounts!)

We have been saying for a while that we will be introducing a loyalty points system and now we can finally say here it is! Each purchase you make earns you points, with these points you can then get discount off your next order! There are also many different ways of earning points which are outlined below:

  • Every £1 you spent = 5 points
  • 100 points = £1.00
  • Per bag of fudge will earn = 12 points
  • Sign up = 50 points (After first purchase)
  • Provide a product review (Coming soon)
  • Refer someone to our website = 50 points (After their first purchase)
  • Getting reffered to our website = 50 points (After you’re first purchase)

When you have enough points to make a purchase (You can check how many points you have by going to “My Account”), whilst going through the checkout process, you’ll be advised you have point’s and if you wish to redeem them.

*Please note – Point’s cannot be redeemed against postage costs

*Please also note – We will be monitoring our new points system and may adjust it if need be

We’ll be adding more methods of earning points in the future!


I can no longer see my previous orders

We have transferred all of the orders however the contents cannot be seen. If you wish to see your previous order, please contact us!


26 Apr

FabFudge Vegan Fudge comes to VegfestUK

You may have heard that FabFudge will be visiting VegfestUK this year in Bristol and were happy to tell you it’s true! On Sunday 21st May 2017 We’ll be at Vegfest with our finest vegan fudge with plenty of supply so if you are after some you better come down early!

For more information read the Vegfest blog post about is! – FabFudge Vegan Fudge comes to VegfestUK