Carpe Fudgum! Seize the fudge!

Maybe you’ve heard that the Chinese symbol for crisis is the same as the
one for opportunity? Well, here at FF HQ, we’re big believers in seizing the
moment and with that in mind we’ve decided to take the production of
our luxury vegan fudge to the next level.

Jill – CEO and chief fudger – has used her lockdown time wisely to scour
the internet and source a larger premises for the business. Sure enough,
she found a nearby locale, here in Bristol, with bigger kitchens and bigger
refrigerated storage facilities. As of next month, when hopefully we’re all
out of quarantine, Fab Fudge will be moving to the new Fudge Factory.
Yes, our fudge baby is growing up! (urgh!)

It has been a difficult period for everyone, and while our in-store sales
have taken a knock across the country, with temporary shop closures and
supply chain and staffing issues, our internet sales have never been better.
Clearly, people just love the fudge and will not be deprived during these
trying times.

The new expansion therefore means we’ll be able to fill larger orders for
bigger stockists, and when our zero-waste and dairy-free partners are
back on their feet, our dairy-free fudge – in all of its twenty glorious flavours – will be
back on the shelves, bigger and better, more fabulous and fudgier than
ever before.

Something good has to come out of 2020. We’ve got to pull together,
support local businesses and come back stronger. That’s our thinking
anyway – we hope you can join us on the next step in the FF journey.
Now, how about a nice cup of tea and a couple of chunks of fruit and nut?