Plastic Free-Fudge (No, not like that…)

If – like us – you want to be part of the solution to plastic pollution and not part of the problem, then join Plastic Free July and say ‘NO!’ to single use plastics.

Find out more about Plastic Free July and how making a few small changes can make a BIG difference to our streets, oceans and communities.

Here at FabFudge, we work hard to maintain our zero-waste approach to waste management, limiting unnecessary waste, reusing as much as possible and reducing our reliance on recycling and landfill.

That’s why all of our packaging is environmentally friendly. In some cases we even reuse the packaging sent to us by other companies. Our cellulose bags – which keep your FabFudge fresh and tasting great – are 100% biodegradable, compared to traditional plastic tubs which simply do not break down! The bags are then placed in our 100% recyclable Kraft Boxes. Just pop the box in your recycing once you’re done to allow the box to start a new life!

At FabFudge we’re also proud to partner with a range of zero-waste shops, including Zero Green in Bristol and Simply Green Zero Waste in Nailsea and Portishead, which are both also dedicated to reducing waste and working towards a greener planet.

If you like the idea of reducing waste, saving money and above all respecting the environment, then give Plastic Free July a try.

Join the FabFudge Team in making our planet cleaner, and tastier, one step at a time.