Student Essentials

Calling all freshers! And now we come to think about it, calling all parents too!

It’s been a hard slog, but ‘A’ Level results are in, and for the lucky ones, a place at University beckons. It’s the beginning of a new – and exciting – chapter. But not just for the students…..

Right now, it’s probably difficult to think of your house without your teenager in it. Empty nest syndrome is a serious matter, and many parents really struggle in those first weeks and months after their child heads off to Uni.

But just wait. Give it a couple of months, and you’ll be turning their old bedroom into that craft room you always wanted, or a home gym…

As for getting them prepared for uni, you’ll find all the help you need online, with numerous websites offering helpful tips on exactly what to buy so your child – or rather, young adult – is fully equipped for their first term. This checklist from The Student Room is about as comprehensive a list as you’ll find.

From kitchen equipment to toiletries, bedding, clothing, stationery, first aid kit and essential documents, there’s a lot to remember. And what about miscellaneous extras (hot water bottle, family photo) to make it feel a bit more like home?

Of course, most students are going to spend as little money as possible on food, but it’s a great lesson in survival and bit by bit, they’ll pick up the skills they need to look after themselves almost as well as they’re looked after at home.

In the meantime, if you feel like sending them on their way with a little bit of luxury, then why not pack a few boxes of delicious, home-made  Fab Fudge? Whether or not your little fudgeling is a vegan, our mouth-watering fudge is made from the finest dairy-free chocolate and available in over 20 flavours, including strawberry, cinder toffee, oreo and banoffee. And let’s face it, with all that studying, they deserve a special treat!