Case Study – Simply Green Zero Waste

One of our Stockists, Simply Green Zero Waste based in Nailsea, North Somerset gave us this case study.

How our fudge has gone down with your business & customers

​We LOVE the fudge, I didn’t think I had a sweet tooth until I tried it. It cant be right, but we think it gets better every time you drop some off! (Not that we eat any of course!)

Our customers love it too; I once heard someone say ‘this is the nicest fudge I’ve ever had!’ People think it’s amazing that it’s vegan, and all of the ones I stock at the minute are gluten free as well so it means lots of people who find it hard to find sweet treats can have it.


Has our fudge improved business for you, if so, how

​It has definitely improved business for me; I get loads of people coming back in just to buy fudge! It’s strategically placed within sight from outside so people often see how tasty it looks and come in.


Feedback on our fudge flavours

What can I say; they’re amazing, you can really tell what flavour each one is. Those that have extra fillings in them like fruit or nuts are packed full of it too! The best thing is there’s such a selection so there’s something for everyone no matter what their taste is.


Feedback relating to you dealing with us

Fab fudge are amazing to work with, they always get back to me quickly and turn my orders around in no time! They deliver personally which is lovely as you get to chat about new products and how things are going. They’ve also come in to a taster session which went down so well with the customers as they got to try lots of new flavours and meet the suppliers personally.